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Hip Hop Jewelry

Oakland’s Most Trusted Hip Hop Jewelry

Like every king needs a crown, every great rapper needs a great chain. It’s a sign of success that shows the world you’ve made it. When you’ve reached the point in your career where you’re ready to show the world what you’ve built, come see Tim Da Jeweler.


Tim the Jeweler is the most trusted hip hop jeweler in Oakland, California. He’s worked with artists on all levels of the industry, from neighborhood rappers to major names. No matter what your style or budget, Tim can get the job done. Hip hop jewelry is a complex business. Great rappers have discerning tastes and you can’t throw together something average and expect it to sell. A great hip hop jeweler knows how to accentuate the artist’s style and personality through their work.


Tim da Jeweler will not only make you a gill or chain, he’ll create a personalized accessory that will highlight your unique sense of style. Every artist is different and requires something different from their jeweler. Tim loves to work with his clients to find a design and style that fits their tastes.


You won’t find great hip hop jewelry just anywhere. You need to find a jeweler who loves and appreciates hip hop culture. Tim Da Jeweler is a rap connoisseur and knows exactly how to create stunning pieces that artists will love. Whether you need a piece for a music video or just to wear out at the club, Tim has you covered. He is the best hip-hop jeweler in the Bay area, and he’ll stop at nothing to have you looking fresh. Give him a call today to book an appointment or inquire about rates.

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